FatKit for iOS 9

Fat Percentage, Lean Body Mass calculator

FatKit Connected to the Health app

FatKit for iPhone helps you calculate your Body Fat Percentage and Lean Body Mass. It connects to the Health app, imports relevant data and stores your results. You can choose from multiple methods of measurement, measure your body with a fat caliper and take more than one measurement on each location for accuracy. You can track your progress in the history graphs.

Accesible Features Measurements. Graphs. Notifications

  1. Profile Connect with the Health App and set reminders
  2. Add Measurement Choose method and Calculate your results
  3. Overview Review your Body Fat Percentage and Lean Body Mass
  4. History Analyze the Body Fat and Lean Body Mass history graphs

Accurate results Everything made easy

Connect with the Health App

FatKit automatically imports data from the Health app and saves your new measurements in the same place, keeping them safe. 

Select the method of measurement

You can choose from:

Jackson / Pollock 3

Jackson / Pollock 4

Jackson / Pollock 7

Durnin / Womersley


Add one or more measurements for an average. Tap "calculate" and see the result!

Set reminders

Get notified by setting the time/date if you want to be reminded. You will never miss another measurement! 

Show History Graph

Body Fat Percentage and Lean Body Mass are shown in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year individual graphs. They are just a slide away!

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