FatKit is available on the AppStore

Good news!

Today, 18.05.2016, FatKit was released on the app store!

You can find the app  either in the Health & Fitness or Medical category . You will get an adds-free app that is integrated with the Health app for just 0,99$.

The app is available on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone5s, iPhone5 and iPhone 4s running iOS 9+.

Body Fat Percentage graph on iPhone 6s and Methods of measurement on iPhone 6Plus

FatKit is a Body Fat and Lean Body Mass calculator and tracker, a useful, handy and simple app that keeps all your measurements up to date. Your history graphs are just a tap away, so can easily compare your body fat to your lean body mass.

The process is as simple as possible: You pick the method of choice, measure yourself with a fat caliper, add the result in the app after every pinch and tap “Calculate”. FatKit automatically shows you an accurate result and inserts it in the graphs.

Future updates includes other interesting features like iCloud integration,and multiple user functionality. FatKit will be also available on iPad.

We sincerely care about every user, and we encourage you to give as your feedback in the contact form, or directly from the app (Profile > Contact). We promise you will get a personal answer from a reliable and responsive team!

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