Why should I use FatKit?

One of the most important questions we asked ourselves before developing FatKit was “ Why should people download and use it?”.

After a period of research we discovered that people request an app for iPhone that not only helps them index their body fat measurements but is also connected with the Health app. Doing ourselves measurements with a fat caliper every week, we realized that we would also like an app that does just that. An app that really works and looks good.

FatKit is the app you are looking for if:

You want to measure your Body Fat Percentage (BFP) and Lean Body Mass (LBM) precisely and index the results in your Health app

The Health app not only keeps your results in only one place, but also collects all the data from your health and fitness apps. There’s no need anymore for huge, complicated apps that do everything. We wanted a simple app, that’s easy to use and useful. If you want the same thing, there you go!

You want to compare results in long periods of time – we give you a nice graph to show you precisely that

Either you are an simple man who likes sport, an athlete or a bodybuilder, regular measurements became at some point usual. You track weekly this data about your body and you want to see how you’ve done till now. The graph is just a tap away and shows you the measurements so you can compare and contrast them. You can choose the period – 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or a year and the line chart for body fat is loaded. Swipe and you’ll have the graph for your lean body mass too.

You are interested in how your body looks – you can measure the unwanted fat and then make a strategy to lose it

Your Body Mass isn’t the only thing you need to keep observing. The more you exercise, your LBM will increase and your BFP will fluctuate according to your diet.  Basically if you want to lose weight healthy you need to lose body fat and keep the lean body mass, if you want to get fat you need to keep those balanced etc. Keep control of your body and health and make sure your diet and exercise routine work!

Body measurements are already a habit of yours and you want a focused app that encourages your healthy habits

Maybe you already know everything we explained before and the weekly measurements are nothing new. It happens sometimes to be busy at the moment or forget about them. You can activate the notifications, get a reminder and solve this problem too.

You don’t have time to write down lots of info – the app helps you by writing just a few things at a time.

The process of body tracking can be complicated sometimes with so much things to keep an eye on. FatKit is as simple as possible, because we wanted to make it handy for you!

We’re looking forward for your feedback !

How is FatKit working for you and what other features  would you like for FatKit?

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